What If there were no Books?


5Books were disappeared:

                                  Firstly, bibliophiles i.e people who love books will definitely get extremely sad. Secondly, with no books, libraries would no longer exist. People will miss reading books in the quiet atmosphere of a library along with their cup of coffee. Thirdly, before the advent of modern technology. Books were used for passing down knowledge from one generation to the next. With no books, the next generation might not turn out to be bright anymore. Lastly, with no books, historical events might be forgotten. Also, science might suffer as new studies may not be shared anymore.

On the other hand side:

                         Firstly, no books means trees will not be chopped down anymore To manufacture paper. This will make them extremely happy. Secondly, no books means no more homework. Children will be one happy lot.

4Schools were disappeared:

Firstly, with no Schools kids will be Stay at Home. Parents will probably have no idea what to do with them. Secondly, with no Schools movie feeders and green parks are filled with crowd. Thirdly, with no Schools Online learning will become extremely popular. Fourthly, with no schools Parents will start teaching their kids and Teachers will have to look for new jobs. Fifthly, with no schools kids will probably have no future career plans. Lastly, with no schools there will be no grades and Interviewers will recruit based on their practical skills.

On the other hand side:

                         With no schools, outdoor games will become more popular. Kids will probably become more physically health.

3Holidays were disappeared:

                                           Firstly, with no holidays people might get depressed. Physiologists will have lot of work on their hand. Secondly with no holidays people will be working without any break their health may suffer then Hospital visit since seek leaves will take a huge job. Thirdly, families come together on holidays then with no holidays families will might go a part over period of time. Fourthly, with no holidays people might forgot how to have fun anymore. Life might become dull and bored. Fifthly, Tourism industry all around the world will suffer, Restaurant were closed and jobs will be fired. Lastly, productivity might take the best people may not be genetic enough and right state of mind to work productively.

2Aeroplane were disappeared:

                                          Firstly, Wright brothers who invented the aeroplane will not be famous anymore. Secondly, Trains and ships will be extremely popular for long distance travel. Thirdly, if no aeroplanes travel time will increase by a lot. People will rarely travel across countries tourism industry will not be look it anymore. Fourthly, worldwide defence industry will be look very different tank vehicles might be better come back. Fifthly, human wills looks to the sky watch the birds and wish that one day even they could fly with them and also with no aeroplanes, people might start watching their favourite places on tv instead of traveling for often distances to visit that.

On the other hand side:

                                 With no aeroplanes, pollution level will go down in world wide.

1Clouds were disappeared:

Firstly, without any clouds Sunset would no longer look Spectacular. Secondly, there would be no way to redistribute fresh water from one place to another because no clouds means no rains eventually all the water present on the earth would evaporate and our earth would begin to look like Mars dry and barren. Thirdly, temperatures would suddenly rise during daytime and drop at night because clouds helps regulate temperature as clouds are generally white in color they reflected a good amount of sunlight thus helping keep our day temperatures down but at the same time night they don’t allow all the heat reflected from earth to escape thus not allowing our nights to get too cold.

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