What If Internet Stopped Working?

No Google,Cars were Electric,about trees,Avoiding Sugar


In the world, Currently almost 60% of the human population will use internet i.e. Around 4.5 billion people actively use internet. Now, if internet stopped working. Firstly, no notifications, status updates or emails. Many people will suddenly have a lot of free time on their hands. Secondly, a Research suggests that productivity might increase. Thirdly, as social communication is a very important part of the internet. Without it, some amount of isolation or anxiety might creep in. Fourthly businesses built with internet as their backbone and will have to close their shops, world economy will take a severe hit. On the other side, people might start interacting more with each other.

What if there was No Google?

                   Firstly, without Google searching might not be popular as it’s today. People might talk more as they will ask each other lot of questions also people might get brighter as they will start remembering more as compare to lying completely on Google. Secondly, if there were no Google Maps People might be using Paper-Based maps. Thirdly, if there were no Gmail then might popular Post-Boxes. Fourthly, if there was no Google definitely Apple will be more happy also Nokia will grab the opportunity release feature phones and become more popular. Lastly, if there was no Goggle docs then it will be great news for Microsoft Office. Note that in Google absence Some other company will grab the opportunity and become as popular and dominate as Google as now.

What if all Cars were Electric?

                There are be number of advantages as electric cars are consider to be much be more environmental friendly. Firstly, air pollution will greatly reduces as it is to made it that road transportation is responsible for more than 50% of Nitrogen Oxide and Carbon Monoxide. Secondly, Accidents will be decreased according to “WHO” as made study on how air pollution is responsible for accidents more than 4.2 million deaths yearly. There are also would be some relative disadvantages. Firstly, Car ownership will get more expensive compare to the fuel cars. Secondly, have you realize that Rare earth elements like Lithium and Cobalt needed for battery production that we might face different kind of environmental challenges.     

What about the trees?

                 There are about 3 Trillion trees on earth right now. So planting a trillion trees would increase that the number by 33%. The impact will definitely be positive for Earth as well as all the living organisms but this will not immediately solve the climate change problem. Firstly, freeing up so much of land for planting trees seems like being a hard task. Secondly, These trees will take number of years to grow beginning of to make any mean for contribution towards reducing the carbon dioxide (CO2) from air. Thirdly, if we don’t think about machines and factories they will produce lot of pollution then trees will die.

What If We Stopped Eating Sugar?

                         Sugar stimulates the release of good chemicals like “Dopamine”. The most obvious benefits of avoiding sugar. Firstly, Sugar would be used for weight loss and also it Improves oral health and Reduced risk of Diabetes. Secondly, Sugar also triggers the process of Glycation and it turns the compounds called “AGEs”. These AGEs are attached to the Collagen and lasting in our skin causing wrinkles. So avoiding Sugar may reduce Wrinkling. Thirdly, Studies as shown that taking excess sugar causes inflammation which becomes red, sore and swollen in our body because of infection or injury. So giving up on sugary foods may prevent “acne”. Fourthly, Avoiding Sugar can also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s.

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