Stenotype, a stenotype machine, shorthand machine, or steno writer is a specialized keyboard used by the shorthand writers, stenographers.
normally uses a standard keyboard which has lots of keys to type every alphabet, But what happens when you type incorrectly? you press BACKSPACE and retype it again. Whenever they do mistakes in typing they add an asterisk beside the mistake, to indicate it’s a mistake and correct it later on. That’s how the practice of using an asterisk while texting came up.

This is stenotype.


A typewriter, used by shorthand writers. like for example, a journalist typing soon a speech. He needs accuracy and speed while typing. He can’t have the politician repeat his words again and again. They have a specific set of letters from the above set which have a specific meaning. They type that. A trained court reporter or closed captioner must write speeds of approximately 180,200 and 225 words per minute(wpm) at very high accuracy in the categories of the literary, jury charge, and testimony, respectively. Some stenographers can reach 300 words per minute.

The stenotype keyword has very fewer keywords then the mordern alphnumeric keyboard, multiple keys are pressed at the same time called chording or stroking. This system makes real-time transcription practical for court reporting and live closed captioning.
Because the keyboard does not contain all the letters of the English alphabet.



The first shorthand machine punched a paper strip and was built in 1830 by Karl Drais, a German Inventor.

Morden Stenotype:-
Morden typer writters contains microprosesors, and many allow sensitivity adjustments for each individual key. They translate the word to another language by internally using user-specific dictonaries, and most have small display screens. They typically stores the full days’s work in non-volatile memory some type, such as a SD card.

Stenotype keyboard graphic:-

These keys normally are made of hard, high-luster acrylic material with no markings.
In the “home position”, The fingers of the left-hand rest along the gap between the two main rows of keys to the left of the asterisk. These fingers are used to generate initial consonants.
The fingers of the right hand lie in the corresponding position to the right of the asterisk and are used for final consonants. The thumb produces the vowels.

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