Mechanical mouse

mechanical mouse

mechanical mouse that contains a metal or rubber ball on its underside. When the ball is rolled in any direction, sensors inside the mouse detect this motion and move the on-screen mouse pointer in the same direction.

mechanical mouse working principle:-
Inside the mouse, there are two ball rollers that work as the X, Y coordinates when the rubber ball moves on the surface.
The rollers are connected with the two plates that contain holes on its surface and it is covered with infrared pairs from two sides which contains sensors.
whenever a wheel moves the LED light goes through the holes and the sensor detects the movement of the mouse and through the IC it converts the signal into digital form and sends it to the CPU.
There are three PCB switches inside the mouse used for the left, right, and for the scrolling.

mechanical mouse

1.scroll wheel.
2.Scroll rollers.
3.Rubber or plastic ball.
4.Power supply.

mechanical mouse and optical mouse:-

1.Optical mouse:-
In optical mouse LED light is used and a CMOS sensor is used to sense the surface image. It detects the position by comparing the last positioned image of the mouse and calculates the distance between those two images and the direction in which the mouse is moved.

2.Mechanical mouse:-
The mechanical mouse contains a rubber or a plastic ball to detect the position of the mouse. As the ball rotates the two rollers connected to the ball rotate and give the data to the computer.

Mechanical Gaming mouse:-
Nowadays it is very rare to play video games with the mechanical mouse but in previous years where no optical or laser mouse was there, people use to play video games with the mechanical mouse only. Now, these mice will not support the video games’ speed and the inputs for the games.

A mechanical mouse makes use of the motion of a ball inside it, which is connected to two wheels placed perpendicular to each other. These wheels are responsible for left/right and up/down movement detection of the ball, and hence send the corresponding motions to the cursor on the screen.

The mechanical mice became a nearly universal tool for computer interaction in the 1980s and continued to be dominant through the 1990s. This is now largely considered obsolete, replaced by the lightweight and low-cost optical mouse. They are similar in shape and function, but instead of the ball, they rely on optical sensors, which tend to be more reliable.

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