Amazing inventions by Female Inventors



     We all know about Paper Bag we are using in our daily life to carry our daily needs. Paper Bag is used in Stores. Paper Bag is invented by “Margaret Knight” in 1868.Actually she is worker in paper bag factory. She invented a new Machine to make Paper Bags. On that time she has only 12 years. Other Scientists Compares her with “Thomas Alva Edison” and called her with a name is “Lady Edison”.  First these Paper Bags are like a paper there bottom is not in round shape then they are unable to Stand. So Margaret done a serious study on bottom flat and she invented bottom flat machine. She invented a new company called “Eastern Paper Bag” in 1870.she also called as 19th centuary Most Famous  Woman inventor. Margaret is the main reason for Paper Bags.


      If you observe olden glass means When sun falls on it our eyes will blink for 1 or 2 sec. Invisible Glass means having solid layer on olden glass. These Glass was introduced by American “Katharine Burr Blodgett”. She is the first women who done PHD in 1926.

3.Windshield Wiper:

           In winter season, when you are going for long drive in car You will see Fog covering car front glass then our driver will on Sensing Wipers. These sensing wipers are also called as Windshield Wipers (or) Wind Screen Wipers. Windshield Wipers are introduced by Real estate developer “Mary Anderson”. In 1903, She went to visit new york city in car. On that time it is a winter season so  time then She thinked seriously and introduced glass wiper with rubbers.

4.Alphabet Block:

     Now Days Childrens are not learning alphabets by reading books But they will much interested to learn by playing games. So one of American poetry “Adeline D.T.Whitney” also thinked like these and introduced Alphabet Block in 1883. She created Alphabets and numbers in a shape and designed a block. She also wrote books about women tradiation and She wrote moreover 20 books about girls.

5.Submarine Telescope and Lamp:

In the military submarines are used for protecting aircraft carriers on the surface of the water, attacking other submarines and watercraft. While travelling under water in submarine they used lights to see what’s coming in opposite direction but using lights they can see only less range. In 1845, “Sarah Mather” invented telescope and also she introduced lamp for deep sea Exploration. These Submarine lamp is also called as Aqua scope. Using  telescope they will identify coming opposite direction Ships


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