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smartphone CPU-do you know the size of your CPU




Do you know the specs of the first Computer it was 30 short tons(27 t) occupied 1800 sq ft and 150Kw electricity but things won’t be the same and we came all the way from the 4-bit microprocessor to 64bit and upcoming more? and more compact computers like smartphones are the best evolution in computer generation and we are going to know everything about the smartphone CPU.

What is Soc? Everything about Smartphone CPU Chipset.

The SoC stands for System on chip, It is a complete system package on a chip. it will be familiar if you ever built a PC. All the components are built on a single chipset that reduces the size of the components, power-efficient, performance efficient.

A Soc contains multiple processing parts, modems, memory, and other important bits and pieces put together, soldered onto a motherboard.

An SoC will connect with all your other hardware components like a camera to all your power and volume rockers.

combining all different components into a single chip saves Space, cost and power consumption. Basically, an SoC is the brain of your smartphone that handles evertything,
like controlling the OS to Detecting your power buttons.

SoC no only interacts with OS but also is conneccted with your other components too, such as cameras, display, RAM, flash storage, and much more.

A list content the most common componets that you will find inside a smartphone System-On-a-Chip.

smartphone cpu
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1.Central Processing Unit(CPU)
The “brain” of the SoC Run os of the code for the Android OS and most of your apps.Graphics

2.Processing Unit(GPU)
Handles Graphics-related tasks, such as visualizing an app’s user interface and 2D/3D gaming.

3.Image Processing Unit(ISP)
Converts data from the phone’s camera into image and video files.

4.Digital Signal PRocessor(DSP)
Handles more mathematically intensive functions than a CPU.

5.Neural Processing Unit(NPU)
NPU is used in high-end smartphones to accelerate machine learning(AI) tasks.

6.Vedio encoder/ decoder
Handles the power-efficient conversion of video files and formats.

  1. Modems
    Converts wireless signals into data your phone understands.
    Components include 4G LTE,5G, WiFi, and Bluetooth modems.

Examples of a SoCSingle-core vs multi-core processors:

smartphone cpu
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The first smartphones were launched in the smartphone market in 2010, before that smartphones used single-core processors with a maximum speed were around 1.4GHz.
From dual-core the cores of the processors got increased like quad-core, six-cores, normally these days smartphones are embedded with the eight-cores which maximize the speed up to 3GHz.

On versatile, power productivity is fundamental. While chipmakers are making progress toward grater significance, the limitations of running in a thermally restricted climate, from a battery, can never be taken out. The force that a portable processor utilizes is controlled by three fundamental components. The capacitance of the circuits, the voltage of the circuits and the clock recurrence. The specific recipe is P=CV2f. Up the recurrence and you increment the force utilization. Modify the voltage and the force level changes drastically (since it is Voltage2).

In the event that we start a theoretical single-center processor, we can embed “1” for every one of the qualities, so C is 1, V is 1, f is 1. This is a numerical exercise, not a certifiable model. The absolute force utilized is 1. To see the connection between a double center processor and a solitary center processor we would now be able to embed the harsh qualities for a double center processor, however one running at a large portion of the clock recurrence. The capacitance goes up in light of the fact that there is more hardware. Going from single-center to double center could modify the C from 1 to 2, however we will utilize 2.2 to cover some other random hardware and change that utilizing double center suggests. The voltage can go down, as the recurrence will be lower. To decide in favor alert, we will set the voltage to 0.6. At long last, the recurrence — this will be half of the first single-center processor, so 0.5. P = 2.2 * 0.62 * 0.5. Crunch the numbers and P = 0.396, at the end of the day, 0.4.

different brands of CPU:

A list Gives the different types of CPU.

1. Apple Bionic SoC
Apple has its own software and hardware manufacture that are way different than Android.

2. Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs
Qualcomm is the Top placeholder in manufacturing and distribution for all specs of a smartphone from budget phones to flagship phones.
Maximum all the android making brands prefer Qualcomm.

3.MediaTek SoCs
Media Tek is also a great processor brand.

4.HiSilico Kirin SoCs
Kirin is basically a product of the Huawei brand.

5.Samsung Exynos SoCs
In the list of processor manufacturing, Samsung comes way last and they use their own processor in their smartphones


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