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Li-fi technology is wireless internet connectivity that uses light as a medium to connect with devices than the radio frequencies. it is a very simple concept yet very secure as the connectivity stays under and in range of light rays that transfers the internet to other devices.

Li-fi is the next-generation technology that supports 5G and it may exceed the speed more than the radio frequency that we get from the normal router.

The technology is supported by a global ecosystem of companies driving the adoption of LiFi, the next generation of wireless that is ready for seamless integration into the 5G core.

Radiofrequency connectivity requires radio circuits, antennas, and receivers but in the game of Li-fi, that’s so easy to install as it uses direct modulation methods similar to those used in low-cost infrared communications devices such as remote control units.
LED light bulbs have high intensities and therefore can achieve very large data rates.

li-fi technology
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This technology is far better than the present we use as below:-

  1. Speed and Bandwidth.
    :-Speed that can be in GigaBytes in mobiles.
  2. Reliability
    :-LiFi provides enhanced reliability enabling interference-free communications.
  3. Low latency
    :-LiFi currently offers latency by a factor of three times lower than Wi-Fi.
  4. Security
    :-Light can be contained, and secured in a physical space.
  5. Localization
    :-Li-fi is fully networked, and every li-fi has a unique IP address means advanced geofencing can be deployed in every Li-fi.
  6. interference-free
    :-RF is vulnerable to interference from a wide range of devices such as cordless phones, microwaves, and neighboring Wi-Fi networks.

Li-fi has introduced firstly by Harald Hass at his TED Global Talk called “wireless data from every light”.
He is a professor of mobile Communications at the University of Edinburgh, and also the co-founder of pureLiFi along with Dr.Mostafa Afgani

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