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We use the internet through our cellular connection or our broadband connection through wires to our computers and this trend is running for decades but now you can access the internet via satellite.
A Starlink Internet service deployed by SpaceX company of Elon Musk that provides internet access via satellite.
In the constellation of Starlink, there are thousands of small satellites in the Low Earth Orbit(LEO), working in the group with ground transceivers.
SpaceX plans to sell some of the satellites for military, scientific, or exploratory purposes.
The cost of the decade-long project to design, build, and deploy the constellation was estimated by SpaceX in May 2018 to be at least US$10 billion.

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SpaceX’s Starlink network of satellites.

How to Use Starlink:-

The system will not directly connect from its satellites to handsets. Instead, it will be linked to flat user terminals, which will have phased array antennas and track the satellites.
The terminals can be mounted anywhere, as long as they can see the sky.

The Countries:
These are the countries that have the availability of Starlink.

North America
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 United States
March 2020 Beta
North America
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January 2021 Beta
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 United Kingdom
March 2021 Beta
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March 2021 Beta
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April 2021 Beta
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 New Zealand
April 2021 Beta
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April 2021 Beta

Internet speed demonstrated in Beta version:-

Limited reports from very early domestic beta users of the partial satellite constellation in August 2020 suggested users experienced download speeds from 11 Mbit/s to 60 Mbit/s, and upload speeds from 5 Mbit/s to 18 Mbit/s. In October 2020, SpaceX launched a paid-for beta service in the U.S. called “Better Than Nothing Beta”, charging US$499 for a user terminal, with an expected service of “50 Mbps to 150 Mbps and latency from 20 ms to 40 ms over the next several months.

Elon Musk said that they are going to increase the internet speed to 300Mbps this year’s end.

Military user tests:-

In 2019, 610 Mbit/s data link found to Beechcraft C-12 Huron aircraft while flying tested by the United States Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

In 2020, United States Air Force utilized Starlink in support of its Advanced Battlefield management system during a live-fire exercise.

Starlink in India:-

Elon Musk has said that the new Starlink internet service by SpaceX that will make web access more affordable for people in remote areas worldwide including in India should be fully mobile later this year.

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