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How does a mechanical mouse work




The mechanical mouse uses a ball inside to detect the motion of the mouse the balls are connected to two wheels that are perpendicular
to each other. these two wheels are responsible for the left/right and up and down movement of the ball, and reflect the motion of the
ball to the screen cursor.


The Mechanical mouse is been used and become a universal tool
for computer interaction from the 1980s, The mechanical mouse is now largely
considered obsolete, replaced by the lightweight and low-cost
optical mouse. They are similar in shape and function, but instead of the
ball, they rely on optical sensors, which tend to be more reliable.

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1. Roller – Roller turns by turning the rubber ball back and forth
2. Rubber Ball – The ball is turning when you run the mouse over the surface
3. Moving Roller
4. Slotted wheel – This wheel with the slots associated with vertical rollers.
5. Light-emitting diode
6. Converter
7. Cable coupling
8. Plastic housing
9. Cable – cable connects the mouse to the computer through input on your computer
10. Chip – The chip processes data from the transducer movement and buttons before it transmits them to the computer
11. Right button – The button pressing their work to encourage the chip and the chip sends signals to the computer
12. Roller – This is moved by the rotation of Rollerballs.

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Mechanical and Optical mouse:

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