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Does more RAM give you more performance?




In a computer system, mac, or in a smartphone RAM(Random access memory) is the most important hardware component as it plays a role along with CPU performance and helps the CPU to reach the highest scale.
The fact we all know more memory gives more performance, But some factors will become a barrier for it.

Factors of RAM, effects performace.

Mainly performance of the computer system depends on RAM I mean which RAM memory you have.
Like there are different types of RAM memories
4.DDR4(latest one).

These different versions of RAM memories give different performance graphs as they got evolved with the new generation and your CPU configuration also matters here.

The different version of RAM memory has different speed.
1.RAM speeds vary from DDR4-1600 (or a 1,600MHz data rate) to DDR4-3200 (or a 3,200MHz data rate).

2.RAM speeds vary from DDR3-400 (or a 1400MHz data rate) to DDR3-1600 (or a 1600MHz data rate).

3.RAM speeds vary from DDR2-200 to 533MHz.

4.RAM speeds vary from DDR2-100 to 200MHz.

The Experiment we did gradually adding more RAM memory.

RAM usage For different tasks
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As you can see above image the different RAM gives different performance rates with chrome tabs and 4K videos.

As I recommend if your system usage is not high-end and not for gaming you can easily go with the 4Gigs of RAM. 8Gigs of RAM allows you to do a lot more with your tasks and the performance with respect to 16 and 32Gigs of RAM memory.

Relationship in between RAM and CPU

In the conversation of performance, the RAM and CPU play an important role, and the hardware too.

As you upgrade your RAM memory and the Processor remains the same u may not get high performance as your CPU may not match the cycle speed of each other.
ANd it may not work for the combination of different RAM set for you with factory CPU, upgrade the RAM which supports your factory CPU chipset.


Yes! adding more RAM to your system gives you more performance but you have to be smart enough to choose which RAM memory suits your chipset and which RAM model you need.

RAM usage for Pr
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In the launching the Pr the different RAM gives different times to launch the application.

Frequntly asked questions:

1.Can we mix different RAM modules(Brands)?
Yes, We can mix up different RAM brands with each other but only if the CPU is compatible with the asynchronous input set. In some computers, we can add only two different memories as it allows asynchronous memories.
I highly recommend not mix up your RAM because it may or may not work with your chipset, If you want to do, make sure you know about your system if anything goes wrong.

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