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ambient computing the new artificial intelligence




The 21st-century deals with all-new technologies like artificial intelligence which reduces the effort of human to interact physically with computers and works through its own brain best example are Robots, smart watches, etc.

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What is ambient computing, how it is getting in our lives:-

The word ambient means “in our surroundings”, as the whole term defines that computing in our environment. We use the computer but not conscious of using it, they are integrated with you all time. It makes computations for you without your direct command.

It is different than your smartwatch, smartphone that you always check.

Ambient computing reduces the interaction with your devices with intelligence. In simple words, if want to schedule a watch a movie or adjust your AC according to temperature you do it manually, But with ambient computing, the AC will get adjusted automatically according to temperature with your activities.

It uses the motion sensors, thermal sensors, etc. to compute automatically.

Google with Ambient Computing

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Ambient Computing is a buzzword in silicon valley and a major role in the evolution of this project.
Google has its own products like Google Home, Alexa which does all your computing work for you without having interaction with your device. You just have to set time and instruction for it and that all it will do on behalf of you.
For example, if you want to book an appointment at the saloon, command your timings and shop details the AI will talk on behalf of you and books an appointment for you.

Many simple works can be done by google home like turning on/off lights, adjusting AC, turning on/off the TV, etc.

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Evolution of Ambient Computing

Evolution of ambient computing is the integration of Internet of Things, hardware and Artificial Intelligence. Ambient Computing creates an environment that systems are interacting with us and learning from each other.

In a meeting room connected with cameras, ambient computing can notify who is the next person/presenter with face recognization and notify all meeting attendees who have set calendar notifications for the meeting.

What are the examples of ambient intelligence?

 These include unobtrusive, user-friendly hardware such as miniaturization, nanotechnology, and smart devices, as well as human-centric computer interfaces (intelligent agents, multimodal interaction, context awareness, etc.) These systems and devices operate through a seamless mobile/fixed communication and computing infrastructure characterized by interoperability, wired and wireless networks, and service-oriented architecture.

Home appliances that can be controlled remotely by cell phones to have dinner ready at a specific time.

* Integrated home front entry, garage door, and automobile remote “keyless operation”.

* Automatic home (HVAC) thermostats that can be controlled remotely by you AND your utility company.

* Refrigerators that inventory your food and compile a shopping list for you (this one may still be under development).

* Self driving cars.

What are ambient Sensors

  • Light sensor
  • Thermal sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • gyro sensor
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Accelerometer Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Sensors

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